Josh Kekoa Cho -BIO

Fusing rock guitar with Hawaiian ukulele, embracing World Music and Classical Crossover.

The music's inspiration comes from Josh's home island of Oahu, where many of his first songs were learned and performed for May Day celebrations in Hawaii.

After many years of jamming on traditional and contemporary Hawaiian music with his Hawaiian Dreams Trio, Josh set out to expand the instrument's horizons through a fusion of rock music with European music and classical crossover type sounds.

In 2014 the live shows are focused on a mix of classic Hawaiian sounds as well as rock influenced originals and new takes on popular songs of all eras.


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ukulele, lap steel guitar, new york city

NEW YORK MAGAZINE recently wrote: "If you?re serving Pineapple-Ring Rum Punch...Then hire: Hawaii-born singer, ukulele player, and lap-steel-guitarist Josh Kekoa Cho, whose tropicalia-conjuring tunes are perfect for luau-themed affairs." Published New York Magazine WEDDINGS Winter 2011, "Music To Drink By", October 12, 2011.



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