Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Somewhere Over The Rainbow / What A Wonderful World as a ukulele solo with vocals is the quintessential beautiful song and message for many special occasions.

Wedding Ceremony Version

Wedding ceremonies require a slower version of Over the Rainbow, which is the way I perform it during the bride's entrance, in place of the Wedding March or Wedding Chorus.

Below is a new sample video of this slower version, adapated from the Iz ukulele version, but just played more elegant and slow, in honor of all brides.

Fast Version

The video below shows a complete, uncut performance of Josh Cho singing the entire song to strumming ukulele.

This is an upbeat, fast version that is appropriate for cocktail hours or at the Recessional of a wedding ceremony.

Many times I'll slow it down and play a sweet and slow version for brides as they walk down the aisle.

Rather than playing a recording of this song, my live version makes a memorable impression to match your once in a lifetime event.

The song also makes for a great first dance with Dad.

Contact me anytime to discuss the details of your wedding or party.

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NEW YORK MAGAZINE recently wrote: "If you’re serving Pineapple-Ring Rum Punch...Then hire: Hawaii-born singer, ukulele player, and lap-steel-guitarist Josh Kekoa Cho, whose tropicalia-conjuring tunes are perfect for luau-themed affairs." Published New York Magazine WEDDINGS Winter 2011, "Music To Drink By", October 12, 2011.



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